Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reflect, Rejoice, Rejoin....

I'm a bit late in adding a new photo to my blog. Gets busy in Cambria, when you let it. This image is a remote spot in Cambria's front yard which I enjoy from time to time. The waves stroll in as I reflect on how quickly time goes by and how often we just do not get around to those experiences we mean to do, but don't quite find the good sense to get done.

The next big "do" in Cambria will be the "Holidays in the Pines". A month of celebrations and events. I will share some Christmas Light photos from days gone by and invite you to visit for unique shopping adventures and wonderful dining experiences.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Art & Wine Festival in January. We sold out last year and the Kick Off Party is selling fast. Visit CambriaArtWine.org for all the details.

I hope you enjoy my photos and would appreciate hearing from you.

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